Sun, Sep 21, 2014

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Update on txConnect Parent Portal

For those of you parents that have signed up for txConnect Parent Portal, the Region 15 Service Center is currently working on student assignments grades so you may view those also and not just the average. We will notify you when this issue has been corrected. Thanks.

The Brownwood Health Department will be here on Thursday, October 16 to do flu vaccinations.  Forms are available on all campuses in the office with all necessary information.  Please contact me if you have any questions.

Angel Bishop
School Nurse

Letters will be sent home, with the students, this week regarding the txConnect Parent Portal.
The txConnect Portal allows parents access to your childrens grades, attendance, etc.
This letter will contain your Portal ID needed for you to set up your account.
Once you receive your letter, click on the picture above to begin setting up your account.